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Hello and good evening.

Ut feAbout 10 years ago, a bunch of Audio and Video Post-Production Studios started to talk about the need to form a group. The audiovisual industry was rapidly changing due to the speed with which technologies were advancing, and there were more and more small studios now able to compete with the larger ones. This created a lot of competition. We decided to form a network of excellence – a group of companies that, no matter the size, would comply with all legal and technical aspects of our industry, and would deliver the most professional and creative work on the market.

And so, when my studio takes on a large project that requires additional support, it’s a huge advantage to have an association of professional colleagues to rely on. This not only allows us to complete larger projects, but to target them from the very beginning.

When the association started, we were a group of Post-Production studios mainly dedicated to the advertising sector. But nowadays, due to the huge demand for our services, we’ve all specialized in different aspects of Post-Production: from fiction projects like TV series and movies, to gaming projects, Virtual Reality, and even the new Metaverse.

To become a member of our association, all companies – no matter what size – have to go through a very thorough quality certification process. This qualification is granted by AENOR, one of the most important certification companies in Spain. To pass this certification the company must comply with all relevant legal requirements for any production: from social security requirements for hired freelancers, to health and safety procedures, to the strict security rules that our clients demand when we deal with their material. All members are also asked to commit to following a basic ethical code.

In order to properly comply with rapidly changing legislation, we work very closely with a law firm that specializes in the broadcasting industry. This gives us the legal perspective that is sometimes needed for the projects we work on. This covers issues such as rights negotiations, legal and security aspects, and much more.

And that’s it! We’re going to show you a short video now, where you can see the type of work that we do. We hope you enjoy it, and if there are any questions we will be happy to answer them after the presentations.

Thank you.

AEPP presentation video

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