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The Association of Post-Production Companies (AEPP in its Spanish initials) is a non-profit organisation for the representation and defence of the professional interests shared by its members.
The association is made up of all the post-production image and sound studios in Spain that share the same artistic and professional concerns. Our mission is to highlight the importance of the high-quality work that we do with an important human and social commitment.
Complying with current legislations, respecting the competition, and working responsibly at an economic and social level, in the face of the market and in the presence of those who work with each of the companies that form the association, constitute the cornerstone that upholds us.
The associative culture is necessary in order to give visibility to our collective both at an institutional level, as well as at a professional level. The greater the number of members, the greater the representation before the collectives and institutions.
An association without committed members has no future.



Since the very start, when we created the AEPP, we realised that it was necessary to not only be professional and work within the confines of legal and social regulations, but also to convey the standard of our associates in some way to the audio-visual market.
So, we found an external organisation that could assess and verify how we are and how we work.
From there, the idea of our “seal of approval” was born. The idea that, from the AEPP, we would be able to certify member companies as companies who meet the professional, social, legal, and organisational requirements.
We found a very suitable partner, AENOR. We started our journey with AENOR back in 2019, and that’s how we created the AEPP seal of approval, verified by AENOR. This seal guarantees the quality, reliability, and legality of all the AEPP members and verifies that all members comply with the legal, social, and quality of service requirements that the association itself established 3 years ago.
All companies associated with the AEPP must pass this verification and obtain the seal of approval in order to belong to the AEPP.
We hope that in the near future this seal becomes an endorsement of the reliability and quality that is so needed in the post-production sector.



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    Contact: info@aepp.es
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